Frequently asked Questions/FAQ

I don't want my company to appear on AllCompanyData?

The information on AllCompanyData is all a matter of public record, and is sourced from the official registers, and from published government data. The reason this information about companies is published by governments is that the free flow of information about companies is essential for both a fair society and a fair and healthy market.

Information Source disclosure?

We don't publish the source of the data. Though we collect from public records provided by the official registries.

I need to contact a company shown on AllCompanyData?

We are sorry to inform that we don't keep contact details for companies other than those available on Looknfind. We show whatever information we have on each company and if the information is not provided then it doesn't exist with us or not provided by the government.

The data on AllCompanyData is out of date?

We are adding and updating hundreds of thousands of companies every day, we are also periodically adding companies to the queue for being updated from different sources. You can Contact Us for Updation of the company details.

The data on AllCompanyData is incorrect?

The data on the official registry could be out of date. Otherwise, please Contact Us.

Have a question?

If you have any concerns about the website or any other query, please don't hesitate to Contact us